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Waste management is essential to ensure cleanliness around us. It not only helps in conserving our resources but also promotes a sustainable environment. If you are looking for waste management services, we can help. At D.B.L. Disposal Services, we perform waste handling activities ranging from collection to disposal. We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of our community. When you need waste management solutions in Mid-Island, turn to the professionals at D.B.L. Disposal Services. We provide reliable service at competitive rates has been a tradition for our family since 1954. We specialize in the waste disposal and recycling for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Mid-Island with the expertise to deliver. Not convinced? Take a look at our testimonials!



Our company has, through its commitment, received the “Outstanding Public Service Award”. We are also a proud supporter of the Nanaimo & District Lacrosse Association and sponsors of Bikes for Kids. D.B.L. Disposal Services has proudly been participating and serving our community for over 60 years!



Do you have scrap metal that you want to get rid of?



Customized waste disposal solutions to suit your needs.



We have roll-off bins for projects of any size.



From demolitions to site cleanups, we have you covered.


D.B.L. Disposal Services has helped keep Mid-Island clean for over half a century. Through our many partnerships and our network of resources, we can find a customized waste disposal solution for you without fail. Let us know how we can serve you. We invite you to take a moment to read what past clients have to say about our services as well. After generations in the industry and so much dedication to keeping Mid-Island green, we are very confident we are the right choice!


Henry T. Jones started out by hauling waste. It spread into a multi-truck routes business with contracts with the regional districts. In the mid-1980s, Norm Jones, son of Henry Jones, sold the business to a multi-national company. After the buyout, Norm Jones was left with two roll-off trucks and spent the next 10 years building it into a 15-truck operation. In 1996, another multi-national company approached Norm to purchase the business.

After that, Norm Jones, along with his two sons, Dean and Brad, started D.B.L. Disposal Services. They started out with one roll-off truck and four roll-off containers. Soon, they grew into a 76-truck operation providing a wide range of services, including portable toilets, roll-off trucks, street sweeping, and more.


Let go of unwanted waste with our array of service solutions. We help you discard all the waste products in an environment-friendly way and offer our services for your residential and commercial properties.


Sustainability begins at home. With D.B.L. Disposal Services, you can be sure that the waste will be collected safely on time and handled in the right way for the environment. Our residential services include:

We provide residential, commercial and industrial demolition services. We ensure that your valuable elements of property are not damaged during the demolition.

When you are doing your home remodeling, our roll-off bins can help you collect heavy-duty waste, dispose of household waste and recycle it in an eco-friendly way.

We provide all forms of street cleaning and washing with our street sweepers for all locations.

Snow Removal

Homeowners know snow and ice will create havoc if not removed properly. D.B.L. Disposal Services professionals will help remove snow to keep your home safe and lawn beautiful in winters.


D.B.L. Disposal Services provides a range of waste management solutions for your business. Our commercial services include:

We provide safe, reliable, and eco-friendly demolition services for your property.

Whether you have a large construction project in hand or a home remodel project, we have roll-off bins and commercial compactors to meet the needs of any project.

We transport portable toilets for all projects and events such as outdoor parties and weddings, community events, construction sites, sports leagues, and more. We may be the only company that gets great testimonials on their cleanliness. No matter how big your event, we have got your covered!

Secure your worksite with temporary fencing. We deliver, set up, and take down the fencing as your needs. We move fast and efficiently so you can always depend on our quality fencing and strong communication. We provide temporary fencing for all projects and events.

We are your go-to source for end dumps, hauling, and demolition trailers. Our services include gravel and soil deliveries, hourly and contract hauling. We provide gravel, water, and other specialized trucks with end dumps as needed.

At our recycling depot, you can dispose of batteries, metal, yard waste, wood waste, general garbage, and more. We have our own recycling depots for residential and commercial use, and we even sort it! Our technology and processes are top-notch, as we always put the environment first.

We provide custom screening and grinding services on a contract basis for wood waste, construction waste, and other such materials.

Protect the environment by recycling scrap metal from construction projects, renovation projects, and events. We offer this service to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Don't just throw away your scrap metal! Read our guide and make a profit off your metal waste.

Do you have a new project in hand? D.B.L. Disposal Services has all the materials you need. We offer aggregates, compost, drainage rock, topsoil, mulch, and much more.

Snow Removal

Snow and ice can pose a big challenge to your business. Leave the hassles of snow removal to the professionals at D.B.L. Disposal Services so that you can focus on your business hassle-free.

If you are looking for a comprehensive range of services for waste management, you can contact us for more details.



Helpful and Friendly Staff

“The staff here are the best. Always helpful and friendly. The facility is clean and safe and well laid out. I firmly believe the folk who work and run that place could run anything successfully.”


Thanks guys!

- Daniel


At D.B.L. Disposal Services, we help you manage your residential, commercial, and industrial waste. We are a dedicated team of professionals providing reliable and affordable waste management solutions to make your life a little easier. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help! You can also check out our Facebook page for more information.

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