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Grass ground divide with fences


Construction sites can often prove dangerous in the absence of proper precautionary measures. Common construction hazards, such as metal rods, ditches or iron sheets, can cause injuries when left exposed. Safety measures, such as installing temporary fencing, can protect non-workers from injuries and provide necessary security for the construction materials against intruders. Count on D.B.L. Disposal Service for reliable temporary fencing. We also have been providing waste management solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients since 1954.



Temporary fences are easy to install as they are interlocked by couplers that can be separated according to the requirements of the area. These are portable and not secured to the ground but supported by heavy braces that make it self-supporting. Here are a few advantages of installing temporary fencing in your construction sites:

  1. Visual Barrier: A temporary fence indicates that construction or renovation is ongoing. It acts as a barrier and protects pedestrians from entering the construction site. The fence provides safe entry and exit points for construction workers to perform their tasks without the fear of accidentally injuring non-workers. Additionally, the fence also helps maintain the traffic flow on nearby roads.

  2. Safeguard Your Construction Site: Temporary fence deters theft of construction materials from your site. It also safeguards the site from potential wrongdoers trying to damage the property. Fences also protect you from liabilities for any damages or injuries caused on your site due to unauthorized entry. Additionally, temporary fencing ensures the construction debris, such as packaging and wrapping, doesn't leave the construction site.

  3. Versatile: Temporary fences are versatile and can be used as an emergency hoarding to announce notices for workers or visitors. Fences can withstand adverse weather conditions and are designed in such a way that they can be moved around easily. You can also store these fences when not in use.

  4. Cost-Effective: Investing in permanent fencing can be expensive, whereas a temporary fence is cost-effective and portable. You can relocate and install fencing according to your needs at a low cost. Choose from a wide variety of temporary fencing that best suits your construction requirements.

Some tips while installing a temporary fence are:

  • Safety signs on the fence should be hung to warn the possible dangers of the construction site

  • The entry and exit gates should open inwards to avoid halting the traffic

  • Fences should be of a suitable height to prevent unwanted entry

  • Fences should be able to withstand strong weather conditions

  • Understand the local laws regarding construction sites with pools. For safety measures, whether the property is occupied or not, it’s essential to have fencing in place

Secure your construction site based on your convenience. Avoid fencing your property with hefty material that is difficult to move. Get in touch with D.B.L. Disposal Service. for effective temporary fencing services. We specialize in effective and efficient waste management techniques. We also provide building demolition, wood waste grinding and scrap metal recycling.

Contact us today for more information on temporary fencing.


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