How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a House?

Every year, the Canadian government demolishes hundreds of houses to make room for new construction.

Abandoned and dilapidated properties cause a slew of problems for their communities. Plus, sometimes you need to demolish a house to build. You simply cannot renovate every property. 

Thus, if your property needs far too many repairs for a house renovation project, it's essential to know the cost of a total or partial demolition so you can continue with your plans.

Continue reading this quick guide for a breakdown of the costs in the house demolition process. 


Cost to Demolish a House

There is no set cost when it comes to demolition. Most demolition contractors have a starting price that increases based on square footage. However, the house size isn't the only factor affecting the demolition price. 


Cost of a Demolition: Additional Factors to Consider

Several other factors may significantly affect the cost of your demolition project. The first is if your dwelling will need abatement, which is the safe testing and removal of hazardous materials. 

Older homes with asbestos, lead paints, and lead pipes will require special handling before demolition. The demolition and removal of toxic materials can increase the cost of your project by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Further, if you have structures on the property you want to demolish in addition to the house, you'll need to expand your budget. This includes:

  • Deck
  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Swimming pool  

The cost of demolishing each of these depends on its size and the time needed for the demolition.

Location plays a role in determining how much time contractors will need to demolish a structure. For instance, the price will increase if a pool is inaccessible due to a fence. The house's location can also increase the price.

Other fees you want to include in your house demolition budget include:

  • Dump fees
  • Labor
  • Removal of demolition debris
  • Permits

To better understand these costs, you can speak with a demolition contractor. 


Partial Demolition

If demolition sounds expensive to you, you may have another option. Sometimes you don't need a complete demolition, but only a partial demolition. 

Partial demolitions are more common in extensive renovation or remodelling projects. For example, if the wood supports are rotting, the founding is cracking, or the home's exterior needs to be intact while you redo the interior, a partial demolition is another option. 

It will significantly cut down on the demolition costs. Your demolition contractor can assess whether a partial demolition will work for your desired project. 


Looking for a Demolition Contractor? 

To move forward with your renovation project, you may need a complete or partial demolition. With an understanding of the costs involved, the next step is to find a reliable demolition contractor. That's us at D.B.L. Disposal Services!

Reach out to demolish a house today. With nearly 70 years in the business, our team has all the necessary experience and equipment for demolition. 



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