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How the Whole Community Can Help Make Vancouver Island Greener


At D.B.L. Disposal Service, we believe that everyone has an important role to play in protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable future. We are a garbage removal and recycling company that is passionate about keeping Vancouver Island clean by providing sustainable waste management solutions for residential and commercial clients.


Our main service area, the Mid-Island, is home to many beautiful parks. We want to make sure that locals and visitors can continue to enjoy green spaces, such as Bowden Park and Community Park. We want to help protect sensitive and beautiful environments, such as Neck Point Park and Englishman River Falls Provincial Park as well.


Here are some tips for how home and business owners can also take action to preserve the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.


Improve the Energy and Water Efficiency of Your Home


A simple first step to improving your home's energy efficiency is to replace any incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Investing in a smart thermostat will also drastically reduce your energy consumption and save you money at the same time. Consider upgrading your home's insulation and installing solar panels as well. To reduce your home's water consumption, start by fixing any leaks in your plumbing system and adjusting your water usage habits. It's also a good idea to swap your old toilets for newer, low-flow models.


Develop a Robust Sustainability Program for Your Business


There are numerous incentives for business owners to adopt more environmentally friendly practices as part of their corporate policy. Focusing on sustainability will help reduce your overall operating costs, especially as the price of scarce resources goes up. It will also help you attract and keep employees who are passionate about sustainable practices and who can develop new and creative sustainability solutions for your business. Ethically, sustainable business practices help to keep the local environment cleaner and greener for everyone.


Divert Landfill Waste Through Recycling, Composting, and Waste Reduction


Bulk landfill waste produces methane emissions, leaches toxic chemicals into the air, water, and soil, and reduces natural habitats. Home and business owners alike can play an active role in reducing the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill, first by focusing on creating less waste. Investing in reusable items and avoiding single-use products is a great place to start. Any remaining waste should be sorted so that organic waste can be composted and recyclable materials can be diverted to a recycling depot.


D.B.L. Disposal Service: Cleaning up Mid-Island since 1954


At D.B.L. Disposal Service, we are proud to provide garbage removal and waste management services for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We also operate a recycling depot in Mid-Island where we accept a wide variety of mixed recycling materials. Our experienced professionals handle waste removal for building demolition projects as well, helping to keep recyclable materials out of landfills.


For garbage removal or recycling services in the Mid-Island area, just contact D.B.L. Disposal Service today.



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