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eco-friendly portable toilets and hand wash station placed at an event


Are you planning a special event? Maybe a wedding or a big party? Or perhaps you’re in charge of organizing a fair, festival or corporate event?

Sometimes you need some outside help to make sure things run smoothly! For instance, have you thought about waste management, portable toilets or garbage removal? What about fencing and cleanup? An experienced waste management company like D.B.L. Disposal Service offers a host of indispensable amenities and services for special events of all sizes!


  1. Portable toilets. D.B.L. Disposal Service offers portable toilets on a daily, weekly or monthly rental basis. The toilets are maintained regularly for superior cleanliness. Special hand-washing stations and wheelchair-accessible units are also available. Keep in mind that calculating the number of toilets you need for your event is no easy task. You have to take several factors into consideration, such as the number of guests, the duration of the event, whether alcohol and food will be served, and the ratio of men to women. Contact D.B.L. Disposal Service and let us help you figure out your needs!

  2. Waste management. D.B.L. Disposal Service also has waste bins of all sizes to take care of your garbage removal needs. Whether you need a 12 or 40-cubic-yard unit, we can help! We’ll also do regular pickups to minimize the likelihood of odours.

  3. Temporary fencing. D.B.L. Disposal Service also supplies temporary security fencing. We offer quick and efficient installation and teardown—you’ll hardly even notice we were there! Security fencing is essential for keeping unwanted guests out, securing children’s play areas, delimiting areas like parking and camping grounds, controlling the influx of crowds, and restricting access to private property, among other purposes.

  4. Cleaning up. D.B.L. Disposal Service also supplies water trucks and street sweepers for you to use at your disposal to clean up roadways and parking lots before and after your event.

Need help organizing an event? Contact us at D.B.L. Disposal Service today! Whether you need help with fencing, cleanup, waste management, portable toilets or garbage removal, we can be of assistance!

At D.B.L. Disposal Service, we’re proud of our community and do our utmost to take care of it. As an award winner for outstanding public service, you can count on us to ensure the quality management of your event’s sanitation systems.

Contact us today!


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