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Crane collection scrap metal for recycling


Whether you’re in Halifax, or Hong Kong, the benefits of recycling have an impact that can be felt worldwide. Not only is scrap metal recycling one of the best ways to protect the earth for future generations, but it’s also a great business practice to put in place to reduce costs and decrease your carbon footprint. Keep reading to learn the five biggest benefits of scrap metal recycling.

  1. Preserve our natural resources - Mining the earth’s metals is a difficult, dangerous and expensive procedure. By recycling your scrap metal, you can help to reduce the need to mine new metals and put existing metals to new and future use. Unlike some materials, metals can be recycled indefinitely without degrading, so there’s really no reason not to.

  2. Conserve energy - Not only does recycling scrap metal help us preserve the earth’s supply of raw materials, but it also helps to conserve energy. It actually takes less energy to recycle metal than it does to mine, produce and create new metals. By reducing the greenhouse gas emissions required to mine metals, you can help to reduce the impact of climate change.

  3. Protect the natural environment - Scrap metal recycling can go a long way towards protecting the natural habitat. Not only does it reduce the size of our landfills, but it can also help minimize the impact of the toxic chemical leaching and pollution that results from leaving metals to rust in landfills.

  4. Job creation - There’s no reason to lament the loss of jobs in the mining industry. Even in the best of circumstances mining jobs are extremely dangerous. On the other hand, the recycling industry creates hundreds of thousands of stable jobs all across the country - jobs that don’t put workers in harm’s way.

  5. Cost savings - Not only can metal recycling help to keep the cost of metals low—which results in savings across many industries - but recycling your scrap metal can also help you to offset some of the costs associated with a large construction or renovation project. Bring your scrap metal to one of our recycling depots, and you might be surprised to learn how much it’s worth.

If you’re looking for waste management or scrap metal recycling facilities in the Mid-Island area, visit D.B.L. Disposal Service. We’ve proudly served Mid-Island since 1954, and have always put environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do. D.B.L. Disposal Service specializes in responsible waste disposal, recycling, and equipment rentals for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.



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