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Nanaimo’s Trusted Pressure Washing & Street Cleaning Service Providers

Residential, industrial, and commercial structures, such as loading docks, parking lots, driveways, drive-thru, exterior building surfaces, storefronts, sidewalks, horizontal walls, concrete cleaning, dumpster areas, trash bin enclosures, canopies, roofs, and other buildings and structures, see a lot of action - whether private or public. Over time, they are bound to take the wear and tear of traffic. Potholes, cracks, debris from nature and vehicles collect along the sides and medians. That is where DBL Disposal Services Ltd. comes to your rescue with our pressure washing and street cleaning services.


Business operators, commercial property owners, and industrial building managers understand the significance of power washing services for preserving a clean look on the exterior of your facilities. Street sweeping is an extension of the power washing service, which helps in maintaining your facilities and its surroundings.


As a reputed waste management and disposal company in Nanaimo, DBL Disposal Services Ltd. offers power washing and street cleaning applications for every aspect of external cleaning. Contact us today, to get more information.


Pressure Washing Solutions in Nanaimo


Maintaining a clean and neat look of your property and its surroundings is a great way to signal your customers, staff, guests or visitors that to you, even the smallest of details – like having a clean space – matters. DBL Disposal Services Ltd.’s power washing applications help you convey that message! Give your facility a vibrant restoration with our pressure washing services.


Our scheduled pressure washing services not only create curb appeal but add endurance to building exteriors and paved roads. The powerful and efficient street washing systems utilize the HPW water pump and supply water with power, which is achieved using minimal water due to the high-pressure hydraulics.


DBL Disposal Services Ltd.'s pressure washing services are a great way to remove the excess oil, grease, grime, dirt, food and drink stains, gum, organic growth, and other stubborn remains that may have collected on or around the exterior of your facility. To ensure that the integrity of the surfaces we are washing is preserved, we are extra careful with your property and often use low pressure.


Our flexible power washing services can refresh heavy machinery and equipment that are on-site for their upkeep, or at the end of a job when it's time to clean up and go. Even in the winter, pressure washing services have their advantages - professional power washing services are a non-invasive way to melt and blast away snow from any area.

Thorough Street Cleaning Services

DBL Disposal Services Ltd. also offers complete street cleaning services in Nanaimo. We use the breakthrough pressure washing technology for performing efficient cleaning streets and driveways. Over the years, we have catered to several residential, commercial, and industrial street cleaning projects in Nanaimo. Sweeping has several benefits, including:


  • Seasonal cleanings
    The change in seasons brings their fair amount of dirt and debris for roadways, driveways, and pathways. We take on all of your sweeping needs, from streets to underground, driveways to sidewalks.
  • Reduce potential hazards
    Flat surfaces may not seem dangerous at first glance, but debris and build-up can bring their own perils like wet leaves creating slick surfaces, litter creating tripping hazards, gravel build-up leading to slippage. We are equipped and can quickly clear parking lots, plazas and other surfaces.
  • Environmental approach
    Parking lots, public spaces, or even driveways can gather various garbage and pollutants, which can take quite some time to collect and dispose of if collected separately. Our team allows us to additionally work towards a cleaner environment, as they are trained to collect debris and allow stress-free transport upon gathering.

Our thoroughly professional approach ensures that we provide complete satisfaction to our customers. We have a dedicated team that strives to provide you with time-saving and cost-effective solutions. Read what our past customers have to say about us.


Cleaner Streets. Cleaner Environment.

We provide quick and expedient pressure washing and sweeping services for homes, offices, factories, warehouses, among others.

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