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Recycling Depot in Nanaimo

Partner with DBL Disposal Services Ltd. and let us help you protect the environment through our recycling depot in Nanaimo. With a mission to keep all the mid- island clean, we encourage you to give us the stuff you no longer need or know what to do with. We even accept a wide range of construction materials including drywall, roofing and metal. For over six decades, we have been providing quality services such as building demolition, portable toilets and temporary fencing to our clients. We understand that unwanted materials can create needless clutter in your homes and offices. Whether you are doing some spring cleaning or a complete interior overhaul, we are here to manage all the unwanted waste that you don't need anymore.

Come visit us in person with your recyclables or to pick up your bins. DBL welcomes the public to dispose of any of the following materials:

  • Construction and demolition materials – we sort them for you
  • Drywall
  • General garbage
  • Wood waste
  • Clean concrete
  • Concrete with rebar
  • Asphalt roofing
  • Clean fill
  • Yard waste
  • Clearing brush and stumps
  • Batteries
  • Metal
  • Cardboard and paper



We Deliver and Pick Up Bins

Are you just beginning your recycling program, or do you need a one-time service for a demolition or renovation project? Call us about the bin services we can provide for you residential or commercial green initiative. We’ll drop off a disposal bin at your site in the size you need. You can put everything into one bin, and then we’ll come to pick it up. No need to pre-sort your materials since we take care of the sorting for you too at our recycling depot in Nanaimo. We offer swift services to ensure that the waste created due to renovation and refurbishment projects is promptly taken care of. We help you keep your premises clean so that the renovation work can go on smoothly without a hitch. We also provide collection options for large quantities of waste generated to due construction activities, repairs and restoration work. Unmanaged waste on construction sites can lead to substantial health and safety hazards. They can cause accidents and also cause environmental pollution. Our workers provide efficient and expedient services to clear all kinds of construction rubble to ensure safety and health of your family and employees.


For efficiency and savings, you want an accurate estimate of what size bin will hold your recyclables without wasting space. The DBL staff is happy to help you choose the right roll-off bin for your site and project. Call us with the details or refer to our chart of bin sizes.


Keeping the Nanaimo Community Green

DBL is committed to clean and eco-friendly service with a focus on helping the communities of Nanaimo and Mid-Island stay green and healthy. Not only does recycling support sustainability but is also economically smart. We have all the equipment you need for cleaning up after your next event or project.


It is important to keep our vicinity clean and garbage-free to create a decent standard of living for our families.  Also, to foster public health and safety, the need for an efficient waste management system is indispensable. It is also equally important that the waste goes through systematic processes of sorting. It can be difficult to sort waste materials into dry waste, wet waste, industrial waste, and organic waste at home. At DBL Disposal Services, we carry out a comprehensive sorting process that separates the recyclable waste items from the non-recyclables.


Improper waste disposal can cause environmental pollution. It can also cause potential health hazards and other implications. Nowadays, most of the waste generated in urban homes and commercial facilities is non-biodegradable in nature. Without efficient and expedient disposal, it can cause water pollution, blockage of drains, and can also emit potentially hazardous fumes.

Whether you are land clearing in the spring and doing home renovations in the summer, or cleaning out your home or business any time of the year, we take:

  • Yard waste in spring and fall
  • Materials from construction sites
  • Batteries for recycling
  • Boxes and packing materials after moving

Benefits of Garbage Removal Services

Both residential and industrial wastes cause severe damage to the environment. You may collect and segregate garbage but when it comes to disposal, it is quite difficult. It is advisable to hire a professional trash removal company for reliable services. The benefits of investing in such services are as follows:

• They save your time and effort
• They keep the environment clean and hygienic
• They help you dispose of metal chunks and electric scraps
• They offer prompt services
• They dispose of waste in landfills or send it to incinerators
• They clear junks and debris
• They provide hauling services

Contact us today for professional garbage removal services in Nanaimo. You can reach out to us to learn more about our services and we will surely get back to you.





Find Our Recycling Depots in South Nanaimo and Parksville

You can find a DBL gravel mart and recycling depot in South Nanaimo or Parksville, and we invite you to drop off your residential or commercial materials for recycling, or call for our bin drop-off and pickup services today. Please see our contact page to ask a question or request pricing information, and to view directions to both of our recycling depots and gravel marts.

Learn More about Our Waste Management Equipment and Services:

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