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Roll-Off Bins and Commercial Compactors in Nanaimo with DBL

DBL Disposal Services Ltd., located in Nanaimo, helps keep Mid-Island clean through our roll-off bins and commercial compactors. We have containers in various sizes to meet the exact needs of your project. Our bins provide dependable waste management solutions for a variety of materials including general garbage, roofing, concrete and much more. When in need of roll-off bins in Nanaimo, look no further than us. These bins carry demolition and construction wastes which keep your commercial site clean. You can also use roll-off bins for the following purposes:

• Disposing household waste
• Waste collection for recycling
• Trash collection after decluttering
• Heavy duty waste disposal

Fully Enclosed Compactors for Your Commercial Site

Take your waste management to a new level with heavy-duty commercial compactors from DBL Disposal Services Ltd. Our experienced team will do the installation for you. There are many benefits to our compactors, including:

• Fully enclosed

• Helps prevent pests and bugs

• Compaction rates of 3:1 to 4:1

• Additional security

roll-off bin

We can provide roll-off bins for the following material:

• General garbage

• Wood

• Demo material

• Roofing

• Shake roofing

• Metal

• Cardboard

• Drywall

• Land clearing debris

• Concrete

• Concrete with rebar

• Yard waste

DBL Disposal Services Ltd. serves you with the following sizes of roll-off bins:

• 12 cubic yards – 12 ft. (length) x 8 ft. (width) x 4 ft. (height)

• 16 cubic yards – 12 ft. (length) x 8 ft. (width) x 5 ft. (height)

• 20 cubic yards – 20 ft. (length) x 8 ft. (width) x 4 ½ ft. (height)

• 30 cubic yards – 20 ft. (length) x 8 ft. (width) x 6 ft. (height)

• 40 cubic yards – 20 ft. (length) x 8 ft. (width) x 8 ft. (height)

Please contact us to ask a question or request pricing information. You can also reach out to us for portable toilets, temporary fencing and recycling depots. Call us today to order roll-off bins in Nanaimo.

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