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Your Go-To Company for Temporary Fencing in Nanaimo

Does your outdoor event need crowd control measures to ensure safety? Do you need to keep your construction site secure? Temporary fencing is your answer. At DBL Disposal Services Ltd., we offer sales and rental of high-quality temporary fencing in Nanaimo. Our fencing can secure your worksite or event from intruders and enhance the privacy of the location.


Our team of fencing professionals will deliver any quantity of temporary fencing to your location in Nanaimo for a reasonable price. What’s more? We’ll also perform all the setup and even take care of the breakdown and pick up. Our safe, dependable, efficient and friendly staff is well-trained to work in a variety of conditions and scenarios. The customer reviews are a ringing testimony to the reliability of our services.


Guard Your Construction Site

All construction sites must have proper fencing for security and accountability reasons. Our temporary fencing will act as a clear indication to the pedestrians that only construction workers and authorized employees are allowed into the area. Also, as your project grows, extra fencing can be joined to support the changes. Get in touch with DBL Disposal Services Ltd. to discuss your construction site temporary fencing in Nanaimo.


At DBL Disposal Services Ltd., we serve all constructions sites, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial projects
  • New home builds, infills
  • Townhouse projects
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hazardous sites
  • Disaster quarantines
  • Seasonal outdoor businesses
  • Road repairs


Crowd Control at Your Outdoor Event

Are you planning a big outdoor event with a large number of expected guests? If yes, then it is certain that you require something to control the flow of the crowd for your event to run smoothly. Temporary fencing will offer you the capability to do just that. We provide temporary fencing in a variety of heights and can provide you with as much fencing as you need irrespective of the size of your event.


In addition, we cater to the temporary fencing needs of public events:

  • Crowd control
  • Outdoor festivals and concerts
  • Special events
  • Stampede breakfasts
  • And more


Why Choose DBL Disposal Services Ltd.?

With decades of experience serving the Nanaimo area, we believe in our expertise and also want our clients to put their complete trust in us. That’s why we have strong core values and try to maintain open communication. We offer short and long-term temporary fence solutions that can be modified, expanded and relocated to meet your needs. Our temporary fencing is ideal for construction sites and events and can also be used to secure fire-damaged buildings, dog run, chicken coop, hobby farm, etc.


Do you still have any questions about the benefits or other aspects of temporary fencing in Nanaimo? We have compiled a few blogs for you.

Looking for Controlled Accessibility Options?

We have fences that will ensure your property is secured against trespassing and accessible to only the people who need it.

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