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Looking for Waste Management Solutions? Read Our Blog!

Do you need advice and services as you plan a huge outdoor family reunion? What would you like to know about waste management services in the Nanaimo area? DBL Disposal Services always welcomes your calls and questions. And you can also find more interesting information and tips on a range of topics by reading our blog. Check this page regularly as we add more posts.

  • Recycling items
    How to Recycle Efficiently During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in more ways than one.

    Maybe you have had to work from home. As a result of the kids being home from school, you've had to meal prep more. Even travel has dealt with its restrictions.

    One constant is recycling. Do you know how to recycle properly? Whether in a pandemic or not, it's something you ought to learn how to do.

    Below is our guide on how to recycle during COVID-19. Read it and pass it along!

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  • Green recycling platform at a recycling depot
    Recycling Depot Visit Do’s and Dont's During COVID

    The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, hasn't it? Everyone has needed to adapt to the changes. From wearing masks to socially distancing, any sense of normality is encouraged.


    Recycling is one of those constants. While you may need to make a few tweaks when recycling during COVID, it is reassuring to know you still can. Unfortunately, about 86% of Canada's plastic waste ends up in a landfill.


    When was the last time you visited a recycling depot? Below you'll learn recycling dos and don'ts for your next visit. Let's dive in!

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  • 22/02/2021
    Benefits of Hiring a Site Clean-up Services Team

    Are you looking to make your next construction project more efficient than the last? One of the easiest ways to do this is by hiring professional clean-up services.


    Let's face it, the crews you have on hand to prep and construct your buildings aren't good at picking up after themselves. It's not part of their expertise.


    As a result, construction sites are often full of mess, unorganized, and even unsafe. But if you want your sites to be easier places to work, allowing your teams to move quicker, a professional clean-up team should be at all your sites.


    Are you looking for site clean-up Nanaimo? Wondering what the benefits of hiring professional clean-up crews are? Keep reading to find out.

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  • 19/10/2020
    5 Reasons Why a Building Should Be Demolished

    Although visiting historic buildings is full of fun facts and beautiful architecture, not all buildings are suited to make it that far, and for good reason.


    Sometimes buildings have detrimental and occasionally irreparable damage. That makes repairs either too expensive or not possible.


    Internal or external damage can also foreshadow future negative consequences for the property, so building demolition in Nanaimo is the more cost-effective and sustainable option for these houses.


    If you’re not sure if a house or building in your Nanaimo area is worth demolishing, here are some of the possible reasons why a building might be more of a waste than a historic gem.

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  • 22/07/2020
    5 Things to Consider Before the Demolition of Your Building

    Building demolition is one of the quickest and exciting phases in the construction process. You won’t need more than a day to finish the whole process. There are certain factors that you should consider before demolishing a building. Going in headfirst without a proper plan will cost you a lot later on, so it is crucial to take professional service and advice.  DBL Disposal Services Ltd. can help you out with that.

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  • 22/07/2020
    Four Benefits of Temporary Fencing at Construction Sites

    Construction sites can often prove dangerous in the absence of proper precautionary measures. Common construction hazards, such as metal rods, ditches or iron sheets, can cause injuries when left exposed. Safety measures, such as installing temporary fencing, can protect non-workers from injuries and provide necessary security for the construction materials against intruders. Count on DBL Disposal Services Ltd.for reliable temporary fencing in Nanaimo. We also have been providing waste management solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients since 1954.

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  • 30/10/2019
    Renovating Your Home? Recycle Your Waste with Us!

    Renovation is a great way to make your home feel more like your own. But the process generates a lot of waste which goes straight to landfill, damaging the environment. This includes old appliances and building materials if you don’t find ways to recycle them. This is where the importance of waste management comes in.

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  • Waste Management in Nanaimo British Columbia
    How the Whole Community Can Help Make Vancouver Island Greener

    At DBL Disposal Services Ltd., we believe that everyone has an important role to play in protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable future. We are a garbage removal and recycling company serving Nanaimo and Parksville that is passionate about keeping Vancouver Island clean by providing sustainable waste management solutions for residential and commercial clients.

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  • Building demolition in Nanaimo British Columbia
    Why Building Demolition Requires Experience, Equipment, and Resources

    Demolishing a building is a highly technical process that requires extensive knowledge and experience in order to be done safely and correctly. It is not something that a home or business owner should undertake without the help of a licensed and professional building demolition and waste management company, such as DBL Disposal Services Ltd.

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  • Recycling in Nanaimo British Columbia
    Why Waste Management is Best Trusted to the Experts

    A not often talked about but very important part of running a successful business in Nanaimo or Parksville is having a good waste management strategy. This will also involve deciding whether to hire a waste management and recycling company. Unless you are in the business of waste disposal yourself, doing so is likely a good idea. At DBL Disposal Services Ltd., we want to help your business succeed by letting you know about the benefits of trusting waste management to the experts.

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  • Scrap metal in British Columbia
    An In-Depth Look at the Scrap Metal Industry

    The scrap metal recycling industry plays an important role in protecting the environment. Bringing scrap metal to a DBL Disposal Services Ltd. recycling depot in Parksville or Nanaimo ensures that it doesn't end up in a landfill, where it could leach toxic chemicals. It also aids in reducing destructive mining operations and the production of greenhouse gasses. Here's a guide to how you can take part in the scrap metal industry as well.

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  • Gravel and Sand in Parksville British Columbia
    Main Types of Gravel Used for Landscaping and Construction

    Gravel is a landscaping and construction aggregate that can serve a number of different purposes, including improving drainage and enhancing aesthetic appeal. At DBL Disposal Services Ltd., we provide a wide variety of gravel and other aggregates at our Nanaimo gravel mart and Parksville gravel mart

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  • Roll-Off Bin in Nanaimo British Columbia
    Five Common Uses for Roll-Off Bins

    There's no easier way to dispose of large quantities of unwanted materials than with roll-off bins. DBL Disposal Services Ltd. delivers these large dumpsters to any location in Parksville or Nanaimo. The material placed in the bin is then disposed of in the proper manner, whether that means recycling it or taking it to the landfill. 

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  • 19/09/2018
    The 5 Biggest Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

    Whether you’re in Nanaimo, Halifax, or Hong Kong, the benefits of recycling have an impact that can be felt worldwide. Not only is scrap metal recycling one of the best ways to protect the earth for future generations, but it’s also a great business practice to put in place to reduce costs and decrease your carbon footprint. Keep reading to learn the five biggest benefits of scrap metal recycling.

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  • 19/09/2018
    The Top 3 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Recycle and 3 Reasons They Should

    Despite the fact that sustainable waste management has come to the forefront of public interest over the past few decades, there are many people who still don’t recycle. Some may not know where to find a recycling depot in the Nanaimo area, while others may not understand the benefits or simply feel that they don’t have the time. Keep reading to learn the top three reasons why some people don’t recycle and three reasons why they should.

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  • Two women are cleaning up garbage together in Nanaimo
    5 Reasons to Visit Your Local Recycling Depot in Nanaimo

    The recycling depot might not be the first place you have in mind when you’re looking for things to do on the weekend. But don’t rule it out just yet. Keep reading for five reasons a trip to our recycling depot in Nanaimo is worth making.

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  • Three Portable Toilets standing outdoors under a tree in Nanaimo
    Setting Up Your Event for Success with DBL!

    Are you planning a special event near Nanaimo? Maybe a wedding or a big party? Or perhaps you’re in charge of organizing a fair, festival or corporate event?

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