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Street Sweeping plays an important role in providing a clean and visually appealing environment. At D.B.L. Disposal Services, we're as conscious about a clean environment as the people who reside there. To ensure the Mid-Island is clean, we have been providing a range of waste management solutions to industrial, commercial, and residential customers since 1954. One such solution we provide is street cleaning in Nanaimo. Over the years, we have catered to several residential, commercial, and industrial street cleaning projects in Mid-Island.


We are experts in street cleaning and ensure that your roads will look brand new after we are done cleaning them. We don’t leave any dangerous debris that can pollute your community. Our team members are committed to protecting the environment by conserving resources. Looking for street cleaning services in Nanaimo or do you want us to customize waste disposal solutions for you? Connect with us today or you can read our testimonials to know what our past clients have to say about our services.


We believe a clean street not only enhances the appeal of an area but helps in providing a safe environment. Sweeping has several benefits, including

Seasonal cleanings

The change in seasons brings a fair amount of dirt and debris for roadways, driveways, and pathways. We take on all of your sweeping needs, from streets to underground, driveways to sidewalks.

Reduce potential hazards

Flat surfaces may not seem dangerous at first glance, but debris and build-up can bring their own perils like wet leaves creating slick surfaces, litter creating tripping hazards, gravel build-up leading to slippage. We are equipped and can quickly clear parking lots, plazas and other surfaces.

Environmental approach

Parking lots, public spaces, or even driveways can gather various garbage and pollutants, which can take quite some time to collect and dispose of if collected separately. Our team allows us to additionally work towards a cleaner environment, as they are trained to collect debris and allow stress-free transport upon gathering.


Over time, it is natural for our properties to look grime owing to the fact it is exposed to bird droppings, dirt from the environment, and other unwanted mess. These elements can tarnish the look of your property. While you can clean a few spots, opting for pressure washing will clean up your property in no time. Our high-quality power-washing machines can bring back the glimmer from the surface irrespective of the contaminants it is exposed to. We provide pressure-washing services to industrial, residential, and commercial properties.


Opting for pressure washing will ensure your property’s interior and exterior surfaces are spot clean which not only increases the durability of the surface but increases its aesthetic appeal as well. With pressure washing service, you, as a businessman and a residential property owner, can make a strong impression. Call us to know what we can do for your building and sidewalks.

Our thoroughly professional approach ensures that we provide complete satisfaction to our customers. We have a dedicated team that strives to provide you with time-saving and cost-effective solutions. Read what our past customers have to say about us.

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We provide quick and expedient sweeping services for homes, offices, factories, warehouses, among others.

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