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Don’t throw away your scrap metal! Bring it to D.B.L. Disposal Services and we will recycle your scrap metal in the Mid-Island area. You can contribute to a greener, more sustainable Earth today by recycling unwanted metal leftover from your construction project, special event, home appliances and more. Call us for dependable scrap metal recycling.


Scrap metals are not trash that can be disposed of in landfills. It not only destroys the landscape but also results in chemical pollution. Metal recycling is an effective way of conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. Scrap metals can be reshaped and re-melted to manufacture new products.


At D.B.L. Disposal Services, we are committed to promoting a sustainable environment and ensuring the safety of our community. We specialize in diversified waste removal services. From street sweeping to dump transfer services, we can do them all. You can also count on us for portable toilets, temporary fencing and recycling depot services.


Learn more about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling metal.


Did you know that by recycling a single aluminum can, you can save enough energy to power a 14-watt CFL lightbulb for 20 hours, a computer for three hours, or a television set for two hours?


Most people think of paper and plastics when it comes to recycling, but recycling scrap metal can have an enormous positive impact on the environment. Consider the financial and environmental costs of mining new ore. Mining is not only an expensive and dangerous process that involves costly machinery and dangerous human labour; it emits greenhouse gases and destroys natural habitats.


Unlike wood, metal is a non-renewable resource: you can’t plant a seed and regrow a metal supply after taking some! Since it is so difficult and expensive to obtain, reusing metal is definitely a smart choice.


Reduce the size of landfills
Reduce toxic chemical leaching and pollution due to metal in landfills
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to prevent climate change
Steel and copper do not degrade through recycling; they can be recycled over and over again to make consumer goods like electronics, sports equipment, and even planes
Glass (from your bottles and jars) also do not degrade and can be recycled indefinitely

Metal products are all around us, and many of them are already made with recycled materials; it’s just impossible for us to notice. Recycle your scrap metal today to ensure our metal supply tomorrow. With so many different types of metals (steel, iron, aluminum, etc.), the potential to reuse metal materials is vast. Recycling scrap metal is what makes popular consumer products like cars and tablets, appliances and food packaging, accessible and affordable for generations to come.


Whatever is your gardening and landscape vision, we can help you bring it to life. Read what our past clients had to say about us. Here’s why we are our customers’ first choice when it comes to landscaping supply in Nanaimo:

Quality products
Competitive pricing
Knowledgeable personnel
Quick and efficient customer service
Huge selection
Landscape contractors welcome
Beautiful display areas
Homeowners welcome


At D.B.L. Disposal Services, we offer a wide variety of recycling services, from yard waste to batteries to construction material. We have a recycling depot and gravel mart.


We at D.B.L. Disposal Services believe in doing our part to help the Earth, and have proudly held this mission since 1954 when our family business was founded. We invite you to join us today in recycling scrap metal here in the Mid-Island area.

Count on us when in need of recycling scrap metal. Contact us if you’re not sure whether your materials are suitable for recycling, if you want more information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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