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Managing the bulk of waste generated at your location is crucial whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or contractor. Rather than disposing of excess scrap metals, papers, and plastic waste, consider recycling them before disposal. Join forces with D.B.L. Disposal Services and allow us to assist you in safeguarding the environment through our Nanaimo recycling depot. Our mission is to maintain cleanliness throughout the Mid-Island area, and we encourage you to entrust us with items you no longer need or are unsure how to handle. For more information, you can check our equipments and services page.


For over six decades, we have provided our clients with quality services such as building demolition, portable toilets and temporary fencing to our clients. We understand that unwanted materials can create needless clutter in your homes and offices. Whether you are doing some spring cleaning or a complete interior overhaul, we are here to manage all the unwanted waste that you don't need anymore.


D.B.L. Disposal Services welcomes the public to dispose of any of the following materials:

Wood waste
General garbage
Clean concrete
Concrete with rebar
Clean fill
Asphalt roofing
Yard waste
Clearing brush and stumps
Cardboard and paper
Construction and demolition materials – we sort them for you


Whether you're starting a new recycling program or require a one-time service for a demolition or renovation project, contact us for professional bin services. Embrace a green initiative for your residential and commercial properties. Our swift services efficiently handle waste from renovation and refurbishment projects. We provide convenient drop-off of a disposal bin in the size you require. Simply place all materials in one container, and we'll sort them for you at our recycling depot. Experience hassle-free waste management with us.


Unmanaged waste on construction sites can lead to substantial health and safety hazards. They can cause accidents and also cause environmental pollution. To help you keep your premises clean and smooth renovation work, we also provide collection options for large quantities of waste generated due to construction activities, repairs and restoration work. Our workers provide efficient and expedient services to clear all kinds of construction rubble to ensure the safety and health of your family and employees.


You would want an accurate estimate of what size bin will hold your recyclables without wasting space for efficiency and savings. The D.B.L. Disposal Services staff is happy to help you choose the right roll-off bin for your site and project. Call us with the details or refer to our chart of bin sizes.


D.B.L. Disposal Services is committed to clean and eco-friendly solutions for Mid-Island communities. Operating a recycling depot in Nanaimo, we sort waste materials, separating recyclables from non-recyclables. This promotes sustainability and economic wisdom. We also understand the importance of street cleaning, enhancing the standard of living and fostering public health and safety. Focusing on helping families, we provide comprehensive services for cleaning up after events or projects. Choose D.B.L. Disposal Services for a sustainable and efficient waste solution.


Improper waste disposal can cause environmental pollution. It can also cause potential health hazards and other implications. Nowadays, most of the waste generated in urban homes and commercial facilities is non-biodegradable in nature. Without efficient and expedient disposal, it can cause water pollution, blockage of drains, and can also emit potentially hazardous fumes.


Whether you are land clearing in the spring and doing home renovations in the summer, or cleaning out your home or business any time of the year, we take:

Yard waste in spring and fall
Materials from construction sites
Batteries for recycling
Boxes and packing materials after moving


Both residential and industrial wastes cause severe damage to the environment. You may collect and segregate garbage but when it comes to disposal, it is quite difficult. It is advisable to hire a professional trash removal company for reliable services. The benefits of investing in such services are as follows:

They save your time and effort
They keep the environment clean and hygienic
They help you dispose of metal chunks and electric scraps
They offer prompt services
They dispose of waste in landfills or send it to incinerators
They clear junks and debris
They provide hauling services

Contact us today for professional garbage removal services. You can reach out to us to learn more about our services and we will surely get back to you.


The phrase “ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is very prominent worldwide, and it is taught to every individual during their schooling in the hope of creating a pollution-free clean environment. We all know that recycling is a simple way in which we can contribute to making the world a better place to stay but do we practice that? Maybe not, not enough. But if we want to preserve the Earth for our future generations, we should look at the benefits of recycling other than simple trash removal.

Recycling helps protect the environment and wildlife:

: Construction waste saves energy, reduces emissions, and combats climate change by avoiding environmental pollution.

Reduces pollution:

Recycling industrial waste reduces pollution from chemicals, plastics, and cans, safeguarding water, air, and land.

Conserves natural resources:

Recycling paper, wood, plastic, metals, and glass preserves resources for future generations and reduces depletion.

Reduces exploitation of other communities:

Recycling reduces raw material demand, replenishes resources, and preserves homes for displaced communities.

Saves energy:

Products from recycled materials need less energy than making them from new raw materials.

Economical than a waste collection:

Recycling saves money and benefits households, businesses, and local public services with eco-friendly waste disposal.

The benefits of recycling are simple, but their impact is significant. This is why we recommend you dispose of your household or commercial waste at our recycling depot for a greener and cleaner environment.


You can find a D.B.L. Disposal Services gravel mart and recycling depot in Mid-Island, and we invite you to drop off your residential or commercial materials for recycling or call for our bin drop-off and pickup services today. Please see our contact page to ask a question or request pricing information, and to view directions to both of our recycling depots and gravel marts.

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