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Safe Building Demolition

Demolition work is a messy business. It’s also a dangerous one. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced and professional company for building demolition. D.B.L. Disposal Services has been providing demolition services to the area since 1954. We’re a family owned and operated disposal business, handling residential, commercial and industrial demolition projects.


As an expert demolition team, D.B.L. Disposal Services can get the job done quickly, proceeding with a well thought out plan and coordinating workloads so that we stick to your deadlines. You can also count on safety as we ensure important load-bearing structural elements, water pipes, electrical systems and other vital elements of the property are well protected during the demolition.


D.B.L. Disposal Services takes great pride in providing safe, reliable building demolition. Choosing to tear down can be a stressful decision, but we make it a smooth process, as we will handle all the elements of the pre-demolition stage, including permits, approvals, debris removal, recycling, etc.

Importance of Building Demolition

Building demolition takes place before rebuilding or constructing a new structure. Here are some reasons to demolish a building:

  • Frees Up Space Concrete demolition is necessary, to construct new buildings or residential communities.

  • Environment-Friendly Pulling down a building allows recycling of old concrete, which is beneficial for the environment.

  • Eliminates the Problem of Unsafe Buildings Over time, buildings age and become less stable. This poses a threat to people residing around such structures.

Experienced in All Types of Building Demolition

We have been offering building demolition to Mid-Island for years and as a result we have worked on our share of residential, barn, commercial and industrial projects. From a shed to an office building or industrial complex, D.B.L. Disposal Services is your trusted one-stop shop. We handle everything from the permitting process and hazardous material abatement to final completion in a safe and effective time line. Our years of experience mean our team can easily adapt to any project because we are familiar with the safety standards and codes for a variety of different properties.


Our experts adopt a systematic approach to any demolition project. We start by assessing the specific needs of any job and devise a suitable plan of action. We also carry out a complete risk assessment before proceeding. Our workmen have gathered valuable experience in the complexities of this highly technical job. We are well versed with the nitty-gritty involved in building demolition, such as where the fault lines could be located. We pay complete attention to every small detail to ensure that the demolition job is carried out expertly and up to the satisfaction of our clients.


While performing any kind of demolition job, it is important to take all the necessary care and precautions. Our workmen ensure that when they perform any type of demolition work, they take ample safety measures to ensure the safety of the environment and the personnel working on the site.


Over the years, we have become the trusted choice for contractors and builders across Mid-Island for all kinds of disposal and demolition work. Call us to learn more about our services.

Taking Care of cleanup & the Environment with Recycling Services

A demolition project wouldn’t be complete without thorough cleanup afterwards. D.B.L. Disposal Services provides both the tear down and full-service site cleanup, providing bins, trucks and transport of all materials. We have a recycling depot where we take leftover construction materials, including, but not limited to drywall, wood waste, asphalt roofing, metal, cardboard and paper, and properly dispose of them. When you hire D.B.L. Disposal Services, you not only get professional building demolition, but a company that cares about the environment. We take care to ensure that construction demolition materials are properly sorted for recycling, protecting both our community and environment. We also provide you with concrete recycling services to reuse the remnants of the leftover concrete and construction material on site. By reusing and recycling the asphalt and concrete, we are able to go about construction jobs in a more sustainable manner. We are committed to providing efficient demolition and construction services while reducing the environmental impact of developmental activities.

Speak To Our Experts!

Whether you’re in need of commercial, industrial or residential demolition, call the professionals at D.B.L. Disposal Services to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. Call today!

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Safe and Reliable Building Demolition

We can provide you with reliable and safe building demolition services for all kinds of residential and commercial projects.

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D.B.L. Disposal Services

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