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Man designing arranging the rocks of a garden


Curb appeal can increase the value of your home by 3%-5% when it's done the right way. Sometimes the things you do with your landscaping might seem to be a good idea but turn out to be a mistake. If you want to avoid some of the most common landscaping mistakes, check out the guide we've provided below. We're also going to detail some supplies that you'll need to make landscaping easier.

Landscaping Supplies You Need Before you can turn the outside of your home into something you don't mind seeing every day, you've got to budget for landscaping and gather the right supplies. Some of the things you'll need include:

  • Lawnmower

  • Hedge trimmer

  • Leaf blower

  • Safety gear

These are just a few of the items that will help you take care of your yard. Now that you've got the things you need to landscape, here are some of the mistakes people make when they begin to change the look of their lawn.

  1. Overuse of Lawn Décor There's nothing wrong with having a few items present on your lawn to enhance the overall look. The first mistake we want to detail is going overboard with the number of decorations you choose to use. Before purchasing law décor, take a second to think about whether what you're buying will enhance the look of your yard or cause it to look cluttered and unkept.

  2. Cutting Grass Short There's nothing wrong with wanting your grass to be on the shorter side, but you don't want to cut it too short. Cutting your grass shorter doesn't mean that you won't have to mow it again for a long time. Not paying attention to the length you cut when mowing your lawn could leave your lawn looking unhealthy because you risk creating bald patches throughout your property.

  3. Choosing the Wrong Plants Have you ever looked at a planting zone map that tells you which plants are best for the region you live in? If not, you might want to start doing so because choosing the wrong plants for your yard can ruin the way your yard looks. If your yard gets tons of sun, you want to choose plants that do better in a dryer region versus plants that require more shade.

  4. Not Cleaning Up Waste As you continue with your landscaping project, it can be easy to forget about discarding your waste. If you don't find a service that can dispose of shrubs and trees for you after you've removed them, it could leave you with a huge mess to clean up. Don't forget whenever you begin a project, especially landscaping, waste management is important.

Avoid These Common Landscaping Mistakes Have you made any of the common landscaping mistakes we've listed above? It's okay; now is the time to turn it around and avoid making these errors in the future. When it comes to landscaping supplies and waste management, contact D.B.L. Disposal Service today.


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