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crane demolishing old residential building


Building demolition is one of the quickest and exciting phases in the construction process. You won’t need more than a day to finish the whole process. There are certain factors that you should consider before demolishing a building. Going in headfirst without a proper plan will cost you a lot later on, so it is crucial to take professional service and advice. D.B.L. Disposal Service can help you out with that.

We have been providing demolition services since 1954. We are a family-owned and operated business that serves clients in both residential and commercial sectors. Our expert demolition team can get the job done fast by following well thought out plans. Go through the factors you have to be aware of before building demolition.

  • Kind of Demolition You Will Need Demolition doesn’t always involve knocking down the entire house. You can always choose to demolish just a part of the existing structure and leave a particular façade or wall. You can demolish part of the home or building that needs improvement and retain the rest to save the heritage.

  • Dealing With the Law The demolition company you select should be able to deal with the local authorities on your behalf, acquire the needed permits and ensure that the project doesn’t violate the local regulations.

  • Recycling Demolition doesn’t have to be about destroying everything. There will be many items in your demolished home that can be recycled or reused.

  • Dealing With the Neighbours It’s no secret that building demolition is dusty, dirty and noisy. Ensure to inform your neighbours beforehand. It’s a courtesy and will also help them to take steps for minimizing the mess that may spread onto their property.

  • Removing Trees From Your Property If there’s a tree or any other kind of vegetation in your garden that blocks the path of the building, arrange to have it removed before the demolition. The demolition crew will have easy access to the site.


Building demolition is a messy and dangerous job, so it is very important to hire an experienced company. D.B.L. Disposal Service works for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Kindly go through our testimonials page to understand our credibility in the market.

Call us for safe and reliable building demolition services.



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