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a view of gravel depot and trucks


Gravel is a landscaping and construction aggregate that can serve a number of different purposes, including improving drainage and enhancing aesthetic appeal. At D.B.L. Disposal Service, we provide a wide variety of gravel and other aggregates at our gravel mart.

Some of the different kinds of gravel that you may want to use on your property include: Crushed Rock: A medium-sized gravel, individual pieces of crushed rock that are usually around 1 1/2 to 1 and 3/4 inches in diameter. Crushed rock is typically used for driveways, walkways, patios, and around garden plants. Due to its rougher texture and gray hue, crushed rock can add a natural stone look to your landscaping. Pea Gravel: As the name suggests, pea gravel consists of small pieces of round gravel around 1/4 to 1/2 inches in size. This type of gravel is commonly used for pathways, for filling in the spaces between flagstones, around patio areas, and in flower beds as mulch. It can come in a variety of colour mixes. River Rock: Individual pieces of river rock gravel are typically about the same size as crushed rock, though they are available in smaller and larger sizes as well. River rocks are polished for a smooth texture and often found in ponds and garden beds. They can also be used to create garden borders and dry creek beds for directing drainage. Decomposed granite: This type of gravel is made of weathered pieces of granite rock and is great for creating a more rustic look. It usually comes in a reddish-tan hue that can add some colour to your landscaping. Decomposed granite can be used to create pathways or as topdressing around trees and arid plants.


In addition to gravel, we offer the following related aggregates that can help enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.

Sand: Sand has a number of landscaping and construction purposes, including in concrete mix, to fill joints between paving stones, as a decorative element, or even in the creation of a fun sandpit area for children.

Bark Mulch: You can use bark mulch to help retain moisture in soil, deter pests, and suppress weed growth. Plus, it will add a nice decorative element to your landscaping.

Compost: Compost is a soil amendment made out of broken-down organic materials. It can be added to soil at the end of the growing season to raise its nutrient levels.

Topsoil: If you need to create a new garden, flower bed, or raised bed, or to improve an existing lawn, you'll need high-quality topsoil.


If you need aggregate for residential or commercial purposes, look no further than D.B.L. Disposal Service. Our gravel marts have everything that a homeowner or large commercial contractor might need for decorative landscaping or for a construction project.

To place an order for any of our aggregate materials for pickup or delivery, just contact D.B.L. Disposal Service. today.



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