5 Reasons Why a Building Should Be Demolished

Although visiting historic buildings is full of fun facts and beautiful architecture, not all buildings are suited to make it that far, and for good reason.


Sometimes buildings have detrimental and occasionally irreparable damage. That makes repairs either too expensive or not possible.


Internal or external damage can also foreshadow future negative consequences for the property, so building demolition in Nanaimo is the more cost-effective and sustainable option for these houses.


If you’re not sure if a house or building in your Nanaimo area is worth demolishing, here are some of the possible reasons why a building might be more of a waste than a historic gem.


Reasons to Demolish a Building

Not every building is worth renovating or refurbishing. Some weren’t built to code or were not kept up to code. Others have developed harmful or hazardous elements over the years and are past the point of being saved.


Weak Foundation
The foundation of any building can degrade and fall apart over time. A weak foundation is a significant warning about the house’s structural integrity.

If the ground has shifted beneath the house, the levelness of the foundation may be compromised. A faulty foundation means it’s more financially sound to demolish the existing house to build a newer, stronger foundation.


Hazardous Chemicals or Damage
As the materials of a house age, they become more vulnerable to various structural diseases. These include lead poisoning, termites, rats, asbestos, or other severe infestations.

It is in the more serious and concerning cases of perilous damage where demolition would make space for a safer, chemical-free, and infestation-free home.

And what about the toxic waste management after the demolition? Luckily, DBL Disposable Services in Nanaimo can provide everything you’d need to get rid of that waste from the house.


Updated Coding Laws
Every time a house is built, it must meet the current coding standards. These include minimum standards around ventilation, fire prevention, structural integrity, water access and sanitation, and energy efficiency.

For a home or building that can hardly meet any coding standards or a home or building where the renovations could cost more than is worth investing, knocking down the whole building will make it easier to sell.


Old Building
Sometimes the age of the building alone is cause for a tear-down. It can be difficult and expensive to renovate old buildings extensively.

The best way to start fresh and build a home with more curb appeal is by taking advantage of demolition and waste management services in Nanaimo.


Increase the Property Value
Just as an old building will have trouble selling, an empty lot will sell much easier than an occupied one. It provides a clean slate for buyers to build the home or business of their dreams.

To sell that clean slate, property owners may opt to demolish a house to sell the lot more quickly.



Building Demolition in Nanaimo Can Help

If you’re still not sure about your demolition, here are some additional factors to consider.

If you think it’s time to take down your house, building demolition in Nanaimo is ready to assist you in the process. Then, you’ll be ready to build a new, whether it’s on the same property or a new one.

If you’re looking for more demolition and construction services, you can find all the information you’ll need on our blog.